Sun Blisters

{ Friday, June 8, 2012 }

I saw your distinctive profile.
Or at least I thought I did in the blur of people surrounding me,
Until I knew that I was wrong.

And my soul sunk down deep into my stomach
And my hope sunk even further.

So I walked the pier and stared into the waves that only mirrored my ocean eyes and beckoned me inwardly.
In, into the saline sea that would cleanse me --
The bottomless, brackish baptismal that I so desperately needed.

Inwardly, I did jump.
And everything washed away all at once:
The bitterness, anguish and awe.

And then I told everyone that I had sand in my eyes,
Or something stupid and juvenile like that,
But, really, I was crying.

A rebirth happened in the riptide that rust-colored afternoon.


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