'How are public libraries established?' And other late-night thoughts

{ Saturday, April 14, 2012 }
Honestly, though -- I have always wondered.
Obviously a boatload of books does not simply manifest overnight. How long does it take and what are the exact logistics behind cultivating these well-loved establishments? And once a library is up and running, when do you know that you have "enough" books? Where do you go from there?

Soda machines are also a conundrum. Their water supplies are endless. And their flavoring. I attribute it all to magic.

And what about words in the dictionary like "a," "and," "or," and "the." The most simple words are the hardest to define, while words like "superfluous" and "magnanimous" are no-brainers in the defining department.

Why do we drive on the parkway, but park in the driveway?

How did we decide that kissing is pleasurable? I mean, it most certainly is (well, it vacillates with the person), but it's a little unnerving to think that our predecessors first experimented with pleasure by locking faces. Weird.

Lastly, the mere existence of words baffles me. "Grass." Grass? "That green stuff on the ground. Let's call it 'grass.'" Regardless of the origin of words, I still love them dearly.

These are things that keep me up thinking at night, and have been, since I was five. Goodnight.


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