A Glorified Bucket List

{ Sunday, February 26, 2012 }
A bucket list.

Sure, they are incredibly cliche, have had movies made after them and are bound to (potentially) remain untouched, but I have spent the afternoon mentally crafting mine into something of substance. Recently I have realized that I need to do more living. Life has been such a whirlwind lately that the days bleed into each other and Fridays fly by like nothing. Honestly? It's a little unnerving. I want to grasp as much life as possible. I want to taste, touch, feel, see. I want to force my eyes to see the unseen and my ears to hear the sweet nothings that I have grown so deaf to. Maybe this list will be a disappointment, but maybe it won't.

I don't want to put things off anymore. Not out of fear of death, but out of fear of being idle. Senseless. Numb. Jaded. All of the things I have fallen victim to so recently. I want my open heart back, and my open-book ways. Thankfully my kindness has not deserted me, but I don't want to censor it as I have.

So, without any more introduction, The List:

- Have something personal I have written published. [ ]
- Pet the soft, velvety part of a horse's nose, just to feel a sense of child-like wonder. [ ]
- Share a kiss in the middle of Times Square. [ ]
- Have the courage to read a poem I have written to the person it was inspired by. [ ]
- Do something radical in Christ's name. [ ]
- Get married at the right time, in no rush, when I know all is well with my soul. [ ]
- Spend all day in bed reading anything and everything I can get my hands on.
[ ]
- Work as a barista at a coffee shop. [ ]
- Crowd surf, although that may be more fit for my 13-year-old self. [ ]
- Own a bookstore, even if it is small and out of sight. [ ]
- Live in New York City. [ ]
- Sing karaoke in front of a crowd. [ ]
- Sleep outside without a tent. Just me and the earth. [ ]
- Walk the entire Brooklyn Bridge, in either direction. [ ]
- Go on a mission trip. [ ]
- Travel outside of the country. [ ]
- Ride on a two-seater bike with a friend, just because it looks ridiculous and I would love it. [ ]
- Befriend a complete stranger in a foreign city. [ ]
- Meet Stephen King, to thank him for growing my heart for the craft of writing. [ ]

These are all obvious things my heart longs for, for some time now. I may complete the list in five years or a lifetime. The mystery, intrigue and possibility of completing the list is absolutely invigorating. Of course there will be room for updates and changes, but I need to hold myself accountable for these longings.

My heart will thank me later.


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