Watch Out For Black Ice

{ Monday, January 9, 2012 }
I danced in the flurries unashamed
And let them dazzle down through the ebony sky
And land on my eager, greedy tongue,
Tasting nothing but subzero sweetness.
Everything tasted sweeter then.
Icepicks through my lungs with each inhale and I could care less --
This was the 'here and now;'
Now, the 'long and gone.'
And then I got scared of the windchill and my words and my nakedness
And I retreated to my safe haven of a bed to watch the ice melt from the windowpane
As my insides turned to ice sculptures of wing-clipped butterflies.
I stirred the milky coffee with my finger,
Thawing my frigid, fragmented 24-hour memory.
And then I slept everything away.


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