Hey, Let's Talk About Things I Hate!

{ Saturday, December 24, 2011 }

A lot of angst this evening. This was such a cathartic experience.

Hollowed Out Documents

{ Saturday, December 10, 2011 }
It's really bizarre looking through this entire blog. It's odd in the sense that it has encapsulated my every little feeling since the now-tender age of 18. This blog, this anthology of nothing more than hollowed out documents, has witnessed my high school graduation, my crumpling up and throwing away of a three-year-long relationship into the wastebasket of regret, countless creative writing attempts (only a few of which I actually deem 'acceptable'), and intermittent peeks into the inner-workings of my head, heart and soul.

However, I never fail to feel intense pangs of remorse for a former self upon reading through past entries. This blog is a lucid, painful reminder of the feelings I never should have felt, the secrets I never should have shared and the various pairs of lips I never should have caressed.

My words don't hold the weighty, dark substance that they used to, and I am completely aware of this. It stings, but it is for the best. No longer am I the girl with the broken wing, nor will I ever be again. I used to be preyed upon like a weak, mysterious delicacy.
I am Redeemed. Life is beautiful, I am strong, and I won't let my past penned works tell me otherwise.

Suffering: Excellent Writing
Happiness: ____________?
...you complete the analogy.