{ Friday, September 23, 2011 }
The entire room is buzzing.
The warm lights wax and wane,
Beats undulate and assist the heart in its nervous palpitations.
She slurs her words and gives unwarranted confessions;
Emotional promiscuity at its best.
The heart is out walking the streets tonight,
While the head resembles a steel trap
Full of grizzly bits of matter and scratches --
The telltale remnants of a ragged romance.
Irrevocably salacious lust --
Fueled by words,
The same words she just retched,
laced with regret and leaving a vile aftertaste.
Knuckles adorned with dainty teethmarks
From binging on, and eventually, purging
She leans back and drinks deeply,
Wishing in vain to become one with the walls.
Wishing to expunge her identity and go for round two,
This time without peeling back her delicate skin.
The cognizance spins 'round, and 'round, and 'round --
Just buzzing.