Au revoir, for now

{ Saturday, May 7, 2011 }

I am going on hiatus from this blog, after dedicating the last two years of my life to it. Through this blog I have shared my first two years of college, my experiences, hopes, interests, heartbreak, triumphs and growth. I have 73 amazing followers, many of whom reached out to me in times of need.

However, the next chapter of my life has begun and I must turn over the page and begin writing the next installation of my story. I will now be documenting my journey through life at This will essentially serve as my summer journal, with no detail or experience omitted. I feel as though I need to "jump start" my twenties by committing my time to something that I will love to reflect upon in the future. Every single day of my summer will be shared on this blog; it is a project meant to cultivate growth, in both mental and spiritual means, while also serving as an outlet for fun!

So, follow my journey by following my Tumblr. You can also keep in touch with me through my fashion and culture blog,, that I share with my friend Anna.

I refuse to say goodbye, because this is not goodbye. It is simply a "see you soon" :)