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{ Monday, April 4, 2011 }
One thing has been proven loud and clear lately- life is in constant motion, and we've all just got to keep running. We can't give up when we are faced with disappointment, or regret. After returning to school from spring break, I am more ready now, than ever, to divide and conquer. This semester has been taxing on my sanity, but in five weeks it will be history.
Thankfully, I have decided to stay at school for Maymester where I will be taking...drum roll please: Magazine Writing! I am beyond excited for this course, seeing as it is exactly what I want, and will, do with my life. I aim to dive headfirst into my work this summer and see where my writing takes me.
Enjoy a few snippets of things I find newsworthy, interesting, and all-around fantastic as of late.

James Franco Turned...Professor?

According to E! Online, 127 Hours actor James Franco will begin teaching a third year course on directing at NYU. When can I apply as a transient student? Hah! I find it fascinating that he is so deeply in love with acting that he is teaching a course pertaining to the craft. Needless to say, Franco has ample talent and brains.

Spring-y Street Style

I'm such a sucker for street style- I simply cannot get enough of it! I'm excited for lightweight denim, slouchy t's, eccentric jewelry, cuffed shorts and sun-streaked hair. I've already raided Urban Outfitters for staples like v-neck t's, flouncy skirts, and colorful sneakers. Now it's time to hit the thrift stores for more off-the-wall, authentic finds to complete my spring and summer wardrobe. Let the hunt begin!

Natalie Portman

The photo really says it all, does it not? She is beautiful, talented, and incredibly intelligent. Honestly, I am obsessed. She is my inspiration! Hollywood is in dire need of more actresses like Ms. Portman- someone who respects the craft and takes it seriously. Which leads me to...

Patrick Marber's "Closer"

Never has a movie left me feeling so emotionally drained, raw, and pensive. A film about the complexity of human relationships and the fuel behind them, Closer is a multi-faceted gem. Luckily, I have had the freedom to choose any play to write my final analysis on for my Fine & Applied Arts course, and Closer is simply my only option. I'm so incredibly excited to write this paper that it doesn't even feel like work. I cannot wait to sit down, analyze the characters scene-by-scene and see how their interactions pan out on paper.

Empire of the Sun

Debatably the oddest band I have ever discovered, Empire of the Sun is completely rocking my world at the moment. I honestly cannot bear to tear my ears away from them! If you've never given them a listen to before, check out "Walking On a Dream." With its 80s synth and catchy chorus, you'll be humming it in no time.
So, there you have it- everything that has been keeping my world in rotation as of late. I've finally found my rhythm and found an inner feeling of calm when it comes to school. Hopefully I will be tending to this blog much more in the coming weeks. Tomorrow I am meeting with my friend Anna to discuss starting a fashion blog (over wondrous coffee, of course). Please check out her blog at http://iamyourwallflower.blogspot.com/!



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