Sophomore year, syncopated

{ Friday, April 22, 2011 }
I've been very nostalgic this past week, almost to a fault. It has always been one of my weaknesses, to reflect upon the past on a regular basis. I don't do it out of sadness or loneliness, but only out of the sheer curiosity to see exactly what and how much I remember. So without further ado, I give you my sophomore year in crisp, detailed, memorized form:


Transferring to a new college was refreshing, promising, and a little unnerving all at once. Living outside of my own home for the first time was inexplicably liberating. Loving my Writing for the Mass Media class. My first college party. Reveling in the beauty of GCSU's front campus. The adventure that was Delta Sig's pool party, followed by a Braves game and a sunburn. Seeing Maroon 5 live.


First family visit. Frequent trips home for little to no reason. Late nights out, including the best rave of my life. Speeding to Walmart to buy the new Maroon 5 CD the day it came out. Being published front page of The Colonnade. Feeling confident about my future career goals.


The best Halloween weekend of all time. Being a flapper girl, Ke$ha, and a cat all within the span of three days. The beast known as midterms. Spending fall break in Savannah with my mother. Meeting Lauren Conrad after five years of covetting her life on TV. A completely unplanned trip to Stateboro. Falling in love with coffee. Carving a hideous "Hello Kitty" pumpkin.


Whitney moves in! Surviving the first, only, and worst 48 hour hangover. Unexpectedly learning that interesting people do, indeed, exist. Sticking up for myself for the first time in a long time. Eating Kuro Shima on a regular basis. Cultivating and focusing on my writing more than ever. Thanksgiving break. The Colonnade ropes course. Compulsively watching 500 Days of Summer.


Tacky sweater parties galore. Midnight runs to Kroger for single serving ice creams. Jello. The chaotic weekend leading up to finals week that was actually enjoyable. Struggling to stay up 'til 6 a.m. all for the sake of watching Jackass. Going home, and staying home, for a month. The most interesting New Year's Eve of my life (shotguns, really?). Multiple trips to Little 5 Points whilst home. Getting a new iPod. Finally seeing Black Swan and loving it wholeheartedly. The Shoemake Christmas. Going to bed at 4 a.m., sleeping until 1 p.m. on the regular. My mom's bright, promising prognosis. And falling, hard.


A new year with new expectations. Returning to school, only to be greeted with snow. Rollerblading in the hallway. Giving in. Learning that taking Statistics and Economics within the same semester is not wise. Weekend get-togethers. Realizing that I am more strong-willed than I thought. Letting go when neccesary, even though it literally kills. Making an obscenely huge frozen yogurt cone in Saga.


My love for sushi grows. My phone gets a ringtone that sounds like a T-Rex whenever I get a text message. Seeing B.o.B at our Homecoming concert and going crazy when "Beast Mode" was performed. The dollar sale in Little 5 Points. Bringing Lindsey home to visit. Utter amazement at the way life works. Swinging at the playground. Being awkward at all times. Dressing up fancy. Hating my first haircut in two years, but then loving it (figures). Playing Mario Kart. The birthday weekend to top all birthday weekends. Having 40 people in a dorm room at one given moment. Tarver's birthday panties. Whitney's birthday rap. Whitney's original song. Going to Macon to pick up a Macbook. Eating white pizza like there was no tomorrow. Adding to my collection of priceless vintage sweaters.


March? I truly believe that I slept through the entire 31 days and everything that transpired that month was purely fictional. But I kissed a camel and I turned 20. Go me.


So here I am, Starbucks always in hand, trekking my way through this life. I love it all. I am more cynical, jaded, and knowing now, but those traits are propelling me in the oddest way. This school year has taught me more about myself than all of my previous school years combined. As I sit here in my room and gaze at the bare walls that have been stripped of their contents in preparation for moving out, I know that they have not been stripped of the memories, love, and laughter that they contained over the last 8 months. I cannot wait to see what is in store for the rest of my college journey.

I was conversing with one of my best friends, Keri, when she said something that struck a chord within me: "When you look back and see how much your life changed for the 'better' in two months, just imagine where you will be two months from today. Anything is possible." Is is pure, astounding madness to watch life change around you. However, I refuse to let it pass me by without embracing it.



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