Midnight Ramblings (It's not me, it's the insomnia talking)

{ Friday, April 29, 2011 }
Written in the key of "things I would like," set to the tune of "sleep deprivation":

I'd like to experience the summer of my lifetime. Full of exploration, learning, and splendor. Long days that seamlessly flow into one another without incidence. Reading in the grass, or by my secret place by the creek- a place that takes me into another realm. Grazing my fingertips along the spines of books in a library. Days spent in bed, solely for the purpose of thinking.

I'd like to write more. To write down anything, not just things of which I deem "of substance" but any minuscule thought worth elaborating upon. To write daily. To fully develop what I truly believe I have been blessed with- a working mind brimming with an endless supply of imaginative, nonsensical, poignant words.

I'd like to love. Not in the simple sense or utility of the word, but a love filled with immeasurable amounts of understanding, tenderness, and respect. Passion, eccentricity, madness, solace. To sleep next to someone in the simplest of terms- to literally drift into blissful slumber, resting peacefully due to the reassuring body heat next to me under the sheets. To be with someone who will challenge me on a regular basis- a playful, verbal spar is vital for the soul and mind. To sit and talk over coffee for hours; not topical, weightless conversation, but free-flowing banter that will open my eyes to new ideas and meaning in life. I've never had this before. To settle for less would be easy, but I won't.

That's all, really.



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