I stole this from my roommate's blog. Her name is Tarvis.

{ Wednesday, April 13, 2011 }

What was your first alcoholic beverage? Beer, unfortunately. I hated it and gave up after three measly sips.

How old were you when you first smoked weed? I never have, and I never will. I have no desire to.

Have you ever lived with a girlfriend/boyfriend? No. It's something I simply don't agree with nor find necessary.

Have you ever taken someone back after they’ve cheated? No.

Have you ever thought about killing someone in detail? Never! Haha, that is insanely terrifying to even ponder for the slightest moment.

If you married the first person in your text inbox, what would your last name be? McDougal. Oh, how grand it would be to be of Scottish descent.

Have you ever peed while on the phone? Possibly. It adds some pee-ceful background noise.

What do you have pierced on you? Only my ears. I considered my nose at one point, but that just seems horribly cliche and trendy these days.

What do you have tattooed on you? Nothing, I really don't care for them. Not on my own body, at least.

Have you ever been on a blind date? No! Seems a little unnerving.

Do you remember your first favorite song? "Mmmbop" by Hanson. Kill me.

Do you sleep on your stomach? Only when I'm sharing the bed with someone. Weird, right?

Have you ever broken someone’s heart? I would hope not. However, when you remove yourself from a two year relationship, one begins to wonder...

Next time you will kiss someone? I'm not quite sure, the sense of wonder and unknown makes the possibility even more tantalizing. Ah-hah!

Have you ever injected a drug? Never!

Who are the people you would do anything for? My family, wonderful friends, and roommates.

When was the last time you felt like your heart was actually breaking? Hm, roughly some time after returning to school from Spring Break. In retrospect, it wasn't heartbreak, but more like mixed feelings of inadequacy, disgust, utter confusion, and demolished expectations of something that had a chance.

Do you get along better with the same sex or opposite? I'd say either, it honestly depends on the personality traits, similar interests, moral stature, etc. of the other person, regardless of gender.

What is something you disliked about your day? The sad truth that I'm most likely retiring to bed hungry. Never a good situation.

Your current relationship status? Single, and learning to tolerate myself.

Have you ever liked somebody and never told them? Yes. The thing is, I had the words on the tip of my tongue- and proceeded to fall asleep. Oh, typical me.

Do you currently hate someone? No, I wouldn't go that far.

Have you ever gotten a sunburn so bad it hurt to move? Once, in Destin when I was 14. I'll never forget the pain, ah.

What is bothering you right now? Nothing really, aside from the acute growling in my stomach and the fact that I am entirely too dependent on coffee. I feel as though caffeine dictates my life these days!

What do you have to do tomorrow? Numbly calculate numbers in Statistics, give a reading presentation in Fine & Applied Arts, read, journal, make coffee, go to Campus Outreach, think of cunning and witty things to say, save a baby panda, etc.

Last night you felt? Creative and productive! I made progress on a new lifestyle/fashion blog I am launching with a friend.

What are you looking forward to? Venturing to Macon to see 3OH!3 this Saturday! I've been itching to go to a good concert for months, and the time has almost arrived. I cannot wait to break out my shameful dance moves, and attempt to crowd surf.

If you’re being extremely quiet what’s it mean? It usually means I am hurt and would rather disappear than open my mouth, for fear that I will spill any or all of my emotions. Or, that I'm tired. You never know with me, I like to keep it a mystery.



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