Personal hero, Aaron Gillespie

{ Wednesday, February 9, 2011 }
Last night I was sitting in my room, contemplating and mentally listing the people I most look up to in my life. Obviously, my parents topped the list, along with a random selection of philanthropists from the last century or so.
And Aaron Gillespie.
Although I like to think I have a widely varied taste in music, there are always those certain, special bands that you find yourself coming back to time after time. I discovered The Almost my sophomore year of high school, after learning that Gillespie, drummer of popular post-hardcore band Underoath, had begun a lighter-sounding side project. After hearing the single "Say This Sooner," I was hooked.
Time and time again I have listened to the album Southern Weather in its entirety, and I feel renewed after. The entire album, from start to finish, is an emotionally moving and cleansing experience.
In September of 2009 I had the privilege of seeing The Almost live, and was amazed by their uplifting and spiritual nature onstage. After the show I finally got to meet Gillespie, who was undoubtedly one of the kindest people I have ever encountered.
The video below captures the essence of Gillespie at his best, with his kind nature intact and heartfelt message honestly expressed to fans. His story proves that "rock bands" can have an upstanding moral stature while promoting a positive message. It's refreshing, really, and I cannot get enough.

For more information and tour dates, visit the band's official website at!



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