Tuesday Night Realizations

{ Tuesday, January 18, 2011 }
I've recently found myself sidetracked and taken aback by trivial issues beyond any control which is, in my humble opinion, quite a waste of time. My bright outlook for the semester remains intact, however, thanks to the smart, beautiful and kind girls I live with.
I tend to not get too sappy or sentimental on this blog, but I cannot help but pour out my heart for these three people who have supported me and made me smile everyday for the last five months.
Tarver- my roommate, the constant provider of tough love advice, the "mom" of the suite, maternal soul, and hippie at heart.
Lindsey- my sunshine, horoscope-loving, sweet suitemate, who only has the best intentions and the biggest heart I've ever known.
Whitney- my laughter, who can lighten any moment in the blink of an eye yet blow me away with her spiritual nature. I aim to be more like her and nurture my spirituality.
When I occasionally let my insecurities (yes, we all have them!) and life's minor curve balls set me off course, I have an irreplaceable support system that means the world to me.
I cannot wait to see how each of our stories unfold, together or apart.

I am so incredibly lucky.



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