My book craving leads to "Falling Under"

{ Wednesday, January 5, 2011 }
On days like these, when I rise around the crack of, oh, well, noon and the sun is barely visible through the shroud of dingy clouds, I feel as though there is nothing better to do with my time than re-read a favorite book. I love reading books numerous times; it's interesting to pick up on minute details or symbolism that slipped through the cracks during prior readings.
Today I picked up my copy of Danielle Younge-Ullman's "Falling Under." I purchased this book over a year ago when I rescued it from a dollar bin in Books-A-Million. I was skeptical at first as to why such a book could only be worth a mere dollar, but by the time I reached the final page I was emotionally absorbed by the novel's intrigue.

"Falling Under" is a novel driven by bitter loss, lust, and human compulsion. The work's main character, Mara Foster, is a 20-something, borderline agoraphobic artist who finds herself deeply absorbed by her creative escapades. However, Mara holds a dark secret. One beyond comprehension, that holds the power to slowly deteriorate the human mind and soul. From page one, "Falling Under" is a gripping narrative of a young woman's quest for happiness and sanity after unthinkable loss and emotional distress.
The way "Falling Under" is written, with descriptive- almost poetic at times- prose leaves the reader with haunting imagery that will linger long after the novel is finished.
For readers that enjoy the occasional (or regular) "dark" novel, I highly recommend Younge-Ullman's gripping debut, "Falling Under."
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