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{ Saturday, January 8, 2011 }
I watch this film and revel in every minute of it. My mom and I were having a conversation recently, about how 80s films have a lingering legacy today. It's absolutely true. I find myself repeatedly viewing classics like When Harry Met Sally and The Sure Thing on an almost-unhealthy basis. I feel as though too many films today rely on raunchy humor and sexual shock factor to reel in audiences and boost ticket sales. Not to say that these older films are free of any adult elements, but their plot thrives on the innate attraction and sensual tension between characters rather than the actual act. Something I, personally, prefer in a movie.

The trailer itself is simply brilliant! Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal seem like an unlikely pairing, but their on-screen chemistry is dynamic. Although I don't particularly find Crystal attractive, his personality and quick, dry wit throughout the movie is completely irresistible. Not to mention that When Harry Met Sally is full of quotable lines, and contains subject matter that has fueled many fiery debates with my friends over the years. There have been several cheap imitations and spin-offs of this film since its 1989 release, but none of them can touch the original.

What are your favorite iconic 80s films?



Anonymous said...

When Harry Met Sally is one of my favourite 80's movies and I'd also like to mention Fabulous Baker Boys too.Meg Ryan and Michelle Pfeiffer were my favourite actresses from that era and I often post about their movies on my blog.
I agree with you Lindsay films like WHMS are a class above the comedies Hollywood produces today:)

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