"I love everything about you that hurts."

{ Tuesday, January 4, 2011 }
It began instantaneously,
A wildfire set to stun.
She wanted to abandon everything she had ever known,
To return the skeletons to their hollowed closets
And run; their bony fingers only grasping at threads as she bolted towards sanity.
She shed her callow, withered skin
Metamorphosing into something wondrous and renewed.
The horizon, burning with the imminence of the new dawn
Filled and warmed her chest,
Occupying the hollow stone crevice that lay empty and desolate for so long.
Inhaling, her heart burst into rhythm like a kick drum.
To feel this way was no longer myth,
But beautifully terrifying, raw reality.


Chelsea Whipps said...

this is written so beautifully ! you have a wonderful blog

nicholas said...

The skeletal structure sprouts new meaning.

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