"You can live with me in this house I've built out of writer's blocks"

{ Sunday, December 5, 2010 }
After an entire day full of interviewing, writing, graphic designing, and revising, my writing final project is nearly complete! Being in the wake of finals week is one of the most exhausting yet exhilarating times of the semester. I proudly pulled my first all-nighter last night, and I'm heading in a similar direction this evening. I cannot complain, however, because I'm a natural night owl and my most creative work comes at night!
It's astounding that this semester is coming to a close in five days. I transferred to this college with a twinge of uncertainty within myself, yet the past four months have been the most amazing I've ever experienced.
The beautiful month-long break is just beyond my grasp.
I long to spend an entire day in nature, writing.
I want to get in the car and drive aimlessly until I find beautiful scenery to photograph.
I hope to spend hours on end with my best friends, who I've missed so dearly.
This evening has been a particularly introspective one, although I typically avoid sitting around and reflecting on myself and my life for fear of appearing self-centered.
After reflecting for quite some time, I've come to the conclusion that there are two distinct sides of me, yet they haven't welded together properly.
On one hand, I'm lively, silly, witty and eccentric. I aim to make my friends laugh and feel comfortable within their own skin while they're around me. I love performing uncoordinated dances to awful techno music just for the pure joy of it.
Alternatively, I'm a pensive writing aficionado who could undoubtedly spend an entire day with a pen in my hand, could be perfectly content reading Stephen King all day, could fully appreciate an art film, and is-oh, as horribly cliche and adolescent as it sounds- misunderstood.
It's odd, feeling so multidimensional.
I anxiously await the moment when someone fully gets me, all of me. I know it will happen, and I will feel it in my bones.
Until that time, I'll continue on my merry way, making the most out of each day and laughing at every opportunity I'm offered!
To be honest, this is the most personal post I've ever written. Shall we lighten it up with a selection of, ahem, graphic inspiration? Of course.

Finals week, I am coming for you.



anna shea said...

Do you want to see Black Swan as badly as I do? Because I'm just DYING to see it.

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