Writing for the Mass Media final spread: complete!

{ Wednesday, December 8, 2010 }

It was a somber morning as I left my Writing for the Mass Media class for the final time. I never thought I would ever become attached to a class (let alone one at such an early time- 8 a.m.!), but alas, I did. Above is my magazine spread covering vegetarianism, which was my final assignment for the class. Luckily, I'm taking Publication Layout and Design next semester, so I'll get to try my hand at page design even more.
I feel rather trite and boring talking about school on my blog constantly, but it is honestly consuming my life at the moment. However, I'm hanging onto the the fact that I will be home in less than 48 hours! Oh Peachtree City, how I've missed you and all of your suburban delight.
On a final side note, I love how my best friend, Carrie, can lighten the mood of even the most serious Facebook conversations.




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