Hard Candy

{ Tuesday, December 21, 2010 }
Last night I decided to revisit one of my favorite psychologically thrilling films of 2005, Hard Candy. Having not viewed the movie in over a year, I wasn't quite prepared for the intense scenes and impeccable cinematography.
Directed by David Slade, Hard Candy depicts the interactions between 14-year old Hayley and 32-year old photographer Jeff, who meet through an online chat room and make the fateful decision to meet in person.
Contrary to popular belief, Hard Candy proves that it isn't always the lonely, 30-something man who is a predator in disguise.
Ellen Page (Hayley) puts on an extraordinary and haunting performance for her age. In my opinion, one much stronger than in both 2007's Juno and 2010's Inception.
Hard Candy certainly isn't for the faint of heart. With its twisted plot, dramatic foreshadowing and overpowering emotion, this film is not one that will be forgotten after viewing.
Check out the preview below of this highly underrated film, plus a few screenshots to enjoy!


Betsey said...

ooh, i've been wondering about this movie! now i am completely torn, because it looks SO good, but definitely one of those types of movies that sticks with you long after it's over...and sometimes that isn't a good thing! haha, thanks so much for this!

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