{ Tuesday, November 23, 2010 }

After an extended stay at school, I ventured home yesterday afternoon to mark the start of this year's Thanksgiving break. It's odd how a mere month away from home can distort your sense of familiarity with a place that was once so tangible and well-known.
Life has become a perpetual cycle of change and adventure- I've finally grown to like it and face it head on.
Speaking of change, I walked into the "space formerly known as my room," last night and was greeted by this:

A completely new and improved room! The juvenile pink walls cease to exist, and my impressive wall of band paraphernalia is now tucked away in the closet (a fact that truly saddens me. After going to over 40 shows, things start to pile up). I'm grateful that I have such great parents who would do something so nice for me while I was away. I now have a designated writing desk, -does a happy dance-.
I'm determined to make the most out of the next five days I have at home. Day trips to Atlanta and a visit to one of my favorite, most peaceful places on earth- Line Creek- are bound to happen. A notebook, pen, and Line Creek are all I need to delve into another dimension where writing becomes organic and words flow freely and perfectly together.
In spirit of the upcoming holiday, I'll be generic and compile a list of everything I'm most thankful for :
- My family. They've always been the greatest to me, and that will never change.
- Sushi. If you know me personally, this is blatantly self-explanatory.
- Dictionaries and thesauruses. Yes, I was one of those freak children who read these when I was "bored." It paid off.
- Stephen King. Thank you for weaving words together to generate incredible and fascinating novels. You will always be my writing inspiration.
- New York City. Dear NYC, I know we haven't become acquainted yet, but thank you for providing me with the drive and determination to connect with you in the near future. Sincerely, Lindsay.
Dear readers, what are you most thankful for?


Tarver said...


but really, the night spent all alone in the suite was torture!

Your room looks so cute, can't wait for our epic week back at school!

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