Friday night insight

{ Friday, November 12, 2010 }
Rather than being a typical college kid this evening and venturing downtown to survey the smattering of hole-in-the-wall bars, I'm staying in with my laptop, music and a Stephen King novel. Pure perfection.
This week has certainly posed a variety of ups and downs, but I'm choosing to only reflect on the positives. I'm finally starting to calm down about my future writing career and take things day by day. I'm nervous about applying for my print journalism major in December, but I'm confident that things will pan out the way they are supposed to regardless.
I haven't written a blog in list-form in a long while, so, shall we?
1.) My roommates watched one of my favorite films, Closer, tonight and absolutely hated it. Tragic! I guess I'm the only fan of Patrick Marber's amazing screenplay. Although I'm not a big theatre-goer, it would be great to see Closer at the Fox Theatre in the near future.
2.) I've decided I need to make more time for creative writing. I was browsing through old documents on my computer this afternoon and stumbled upon a short story I started last December. Of course the story needs a lot of revising and editing, but it isn't half bad! I've let life get in the way of my passion, and that simply isn't right.
3.) I must go to New York City. That is all.
4.) I'd like a boy who will take me to coffee shops and let me knit him ugly scarves. That'd be pretty phenomenal.
5.) I've found that although I'm living on a wonderful college campus, being a college student doesn't guarantee intelligence. This may sound like a pretty obvious point to make, but it must be said. I crave intelligent conversation, yet this need has not been satisfied as of late. Sigh.
6.) I want to go to Sundance before I die. Who wouldn't enjoy an evening of wonderful films all while rubbing elbows with the famous? Please.
7.) I've stayed at school for the past three weekends. This is the longest I've been on campus without going home for a weekend stay. I'm pretty proud of myself!
8.) I've recently become addicted to FFFFOUND.COM. It's basically a huge collection of intriguing graphic design that keeps me entertained and enthralled for hours on end. You should check it out! You never know what you'll find.
9.) Artwork is slowly but surely covering the walls of my room. Soon enough they will be covered entirely!
10.) Concert withdrawal syndrome is currently taking over my life. I haven't been to a show since August- unacceptable! Unfortunately, the musicians I love have collectively decided that Atlanta isn't awesome enough. False!
I leave you with one of the most beautiful music videos of all time, Damien Rice's "The Blower's Daughter." Complete with scenes from Closer, of course. The cinematography, music and lyrics are all breathtaking.



tess said...

Closer wasn't my favorite movie (it is so dark, it's kind of hard to say you "enjoy" it), but I thought it was an intriguing plot with some amazing acting, too bad your roommates loathed it!

I think you can make it into both print journalism and creative writing. Your posts are always witty and well written, so I cannot imagine what your real writing is like. I think as long as you have the gumption and just go for it, you'll make it!

I think a lot of college students must've tested well, but minus their SAT scores they have nothing to offer. I have a classmate with an "I heart Vodka" sticker on her cellphone. Its immensely frustrating, how did we both get into the same school!? haha

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