Creative Spotlight: Blue Stranger Productions

{ Thursday, November 25, 2010 }

Every now and again I stumble upon innovative and interesting independent projects that I love to feature on my blog, whether it be prototypical television shows (ie. The Buried Life) or severely underrated musicians.
I believe creative individuals are fascinating and deserve utmost recognition for their out-of-the-ordinary accolades.
Although I've featured bands, films, and artists over the last year, I've never had the opportunity to feature a film production team- a realm that I've wanted to explore for some time.
Enter Blue Stranger Productions, a film production crew utilizing the collaborative efforts of five filmmakers to produce tantalizing short films that leave the viewer in co-existing states of awe, shock, and wonder.
The films are diverse and unique, with no two storylines following the same path. Personal favorites include "The Choice," "Strangers," and "The Reaper."
After viewing a selection of the group's short films, I was hooked and determined to promote the films to the largest audience I would think of- my blog followers.
I urge you, my 71 dedicated and diligent blog readers, to check out the official Youtube channel of Blue Stranger Productions ( you won't be sorry.
After thoroughly enjoying your viewing experience, venture on over to the group's appropriately titled Facebook page and click "like." Let's not kid ourselves, we are all professional Facebook creepers at heart.
Lastly, visit my friend and Blue Stranger Productions member Nick's personal blog, One of the only fellow writing aficionados and bloggers that I've met at school, his writing style is absolutely captivating.
Dear readers, keep the creative spirit alive and support independent artists of all varieties!


nicholas said...

Cheers for this Lindsay.
It means a great deal to know someone would have the audacity to promote us!

Lindsay said...

It's the least I could do!
Plus, it's always fun to take a stab at publicity writing.

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