Head's innerworkings in graphic form, part deux

{ Friday, November 26, 2010 }

If you can identify what film the last image is from, consider yourself my new best friend.
Black Friday shopping took a lot out of me today, but nabbing 500 Days of Summer for a mere $3.99 made the entire day worth it!
I'm in severe need of a hot Starbucks tea, intense creative writing session, and a movie night. I love being home.

Creative Spotlight: Blue Stranger Productions

{ Thursday, November 25, 2010 }

Every now and again I stumble upon innovative and interesting independent projects that I love to feature on my blog, whether it be prototypical television shows (ie. The Buried Life) or severely underrated musicians.
I believe creative individuals are fascinating and deserve utmost recognition for their out-of-the-ordinary accolades.
Although I've featured bands, films, and artists over the last year, I've never had the opportunity to feature a film production team- a realm that I've wanted to explore for some time.
Enter Blue Stranger Productions, a film production crew utilizing the collaborative efforts of five filmmakers to produce tantalizing short films that leave the viewer in co-existing states of awe, shock, and wonder.
The films are diverse and unique, with no two storylines following the same path. Personal favorites include "The Choice," "Strangers," and "The Reaper."
After viewing a selection of the group's short films, I was hooked and determined to promote the films to the largest audience I would think of- my blog followers.
I urge you, my 71 dedicated and diligent blog readers, to check out the official Youtube channel of Blue Stranger Productions (http://www.youtube.com/user/BlueStrangerProd)- you won't be sorry.
After thoroughly enjoying your viewing experience, venture on over to the group's appropriately titled Facebook page and click "like." Let's not kid ourselves, we are all professional Facebook creepers at heart.
Lastly, visit my friend and Blue Stranger Productions member Nick's personal blog, http://www.nicholaswidener.blogspot.com/. One of the only fellow writing aficionados and bloggers that I've met at school, his writing style is absolutely captivating.
Dear readers, keep the creative spirit alive and support independent artists of all varieties!


{ Tuesday, November 23, 2010 }

After an extended stay at school, I ventured home yesterday afternoon to mark the start of this year's Thanksgiving break. It's odd how a mere month away from home can distort your sense of familiarity with a place that was once so tangible and well-known.
Life has become a perpetual cycle of change and adventure- I've finally grown to like it and face it head on.
Speaking of change, I walked into the "space formerly known as my room," last night and was greeted by this:

A completely new and improved room! The juvenile pink walls cease to exist, and my impressive wall of band paraphernalia is now tucked away in the closet (a fact that truly saddens me. After going to over 40 shows, things start to pile up). I'm grateful that I have such great parents who would do something so nice for me while I was away. I now have a designated writing desk, -does a happy dance-.
I'm determined to make the most out of the next five days I have at home. Day trips to Atlanta and a visit to one of my favorite, most peaceful places on earth- Line Creek- are bound to happen. A notebook, pen, and Line Creek are all I need to delve into another dimension where writing becomes organic and words flow freely and perfectly together.
In spirit of the upcoming holiday, I'll be generic and compile a list of everything I'm most thankful for :
- My family. They've always been the greatest to me, and that will never change.
- Sushi. If you know me personally, this is blatantly self-explanatory.
- Dictionaries and thesauruses. Yes, I was one of those freak children who read these when I was "bored." It paid off.
- Stephen King. Thank you for weaving words together to generate incredible and fascinating novels. You will always be my writing inspiration.
- New York City. Dear NYC, I know we haven't become acquainted yet, but thank you for providing me with the drive and determination to connect with you in the near future. Sincerely, Lindsay.
Dear readers, what are you most thankful for?

3:41 A.M.

{ Monday, November 22, 2010 }
I need you intravenously,
Slowly spreading and offering solace.
The shallow are plentiful,
But my depth has yet to run dry.
Let us take comfort in knowing
That anomaly is beauty,
That eccentricities unite,
That normalcy revolts me.
You terrify me in the most charming way,
And I cannot get enough.
Reach out and unearth me,
I'm right here.

Bits of graphic inspiration

{ Saturday, November 13, 2010 }

Check out one of my favorite bands, Young The Giant. They're honestly one of the most underrated bands and have a lot going for them. I was lucky enough to see them with Minus The Bear in May and had a wonderful time!

I'm thinking about posting my short story on here for critiquing, but I have my reservations. Keep checking back- I might post it this afternoon!

Friday night insight

{ Friday, November 12, 2010 }
Rather than being a typical college kid this evening and venturing downtown to survey the smattering of hole-in-the-wall bars, I'm staying in with my laptop, music and a Stephen King novel. Pure perfection.
This week has certainly posed a variety of ups and downs, but I'm choosing to only reflect on the positives. I'm finally starting to calm down about my future writing career and take things day by day. I'm nervous about applying for my print journalism major in December, but I'm confident that things will pan out the way they are supposed to regardless.
I haven't written a blog in list-form in a long while, so, shall we?
1.) My roommates watched one of my favorite films, Closer, tonight and absolutely hated it. Tragic! I guess I'm the only fan of Patrick Marber's amazing screenplay. Although I'm not a big theatre-goer, it would be great to see Closer at the Fox Theatre in the near future.
2.) I've decided I need to make more time for creative writing. I was browsing through old documents on my computer this afternoon and stumbled upon a short story I started last December. Of course the story needs a lot of revising and editing, but it isn't half bad! I've let life get in the way of my passion, and that simply isn't right.
3.) I must go to New York City. That is all.
4.) I'd like a boy who will take me to coffee shops and let me knit him ugly scarves. That'd be pretty phenomenal.
5.) I've found that although I'm living on a wonderful college campus, being a college student doesn't guarantee intelligence. This may sound like a pretty obvious point to make, but it must be said. I crave intelligent conversation, yet this need has not been satisfied as of late. Sigh.
6.) I want to go to Sundance before I die. Who wouldn't enjoy an evening of wonderful films all while rubbing elbows with the famous? Please.
7.) I've stayed at school for the past three weekends. This is the longest I've been on campus without going home for a weekend stay. I'm pretty proud of myself!
8.) I've recently become addicted to FFFFOUND.COM. It's basically a huge collection of intriguing graphic design that keeps me entertained and enthralled for hours on end. You should check it out! You never know what you'll find.
9.) Artwork is slowly but surely covering the walls of my room. Soon enough they will be covered entirely!
10.) Concert withdrawal syndrome is currently taking over my life. I haven't been to a show since August- unacceptable! Unfortunately, the musicians I love have collectively decided that Atlanta isn't awesome enough. False!
I leave you with one of the most beautiful music videos of all time, Damien Rice's "The Blower's Daughter." Complete with scenes from Closer, of course. The cinematography, music and lyrics are all breathtaking.


Obama administration tackles higher education woes

{ Thursday, November 11, 2010 }
After long last, my Obama article is complete! I submitted this piece as an assignment for my Writing for the Mass Media course. After writing it, I've found myself gravitating towards political writing rather than fashion writing- something I never thought possible!
In a recent student conference call, President Barack Obama discussed his thoughts on his administration implementing new changes and policies to its higher education agenda that will tentatively affect undergraduates across the nation.
“We’re trying to strengthen our nation’s higher education system,” Obama said. “Our classrooms, our professors, our administrators and our students are going to drive the future success of the United States.”
The Obama administration is adamant on making college more affordable, decreasing student debt after graduation and increasing job availability for graduates.
One way the administration is making college more accessible and affordable for undergraduates is through the availability of loans and grants.
“We have increased the Pell Grant,” Obama said. “We’ve made it more available to people. We’ve made it more reliable.”
The Federal Pell Grant is worth up to $5,500 and is awarded to undergraduates who have met specific financial qualifications after filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
The administration has also tweaked the way federal student loans, like the Stafford Loan, are administered to make attending college a reality for more students.
“Instead of handing over $60 billion in unwarranted subsidies to big banks, we’re redirecting that money so that it goes directly to students,” Obama said. “That is allowing us to make college more affordable for nearly 8 million students and families.”
For over 80 percent of GCSU students, receiving institutional, state, or federal financial aid is necessary to attend college.
According to the National Center for Education Statistics, of the GCSU students who receive financial aid, 69 percent are awarded grant or scholarship aid, 41 percent take out federal student loans, and 14 percent receive the Pell Grant.
“I’m an independent student and support myself, so being awarded financial aid was important for me to attend college,” said freshman pre-nursing major Lindsey Hodge. “I received the maximum Pell Grant award and outside scholarships to finance my education at GCSU.”
Another common burden of undergraduates, student debt, is also being tackled by the Obama administration.
For students borrowing federal loans, a new policy has been put into place ensuring that monthly loan payments do not snowball into a larger financial burden over time.
“Starting in 2014, young people can cap their debt at 10 percent of their salary, regardless of what that salary is,” Obama said. “You will never have to pay more than 10 percent of your salary each month to service student loans that you’ve taken.”
Furthermore, graduates that go into public service jobs as teachers or police officers are guaranteed the financial cushion of loan forgiveness.
“If you go into public service and you keep up with your payments, whatever leftover student debt that you have will be forgiven after 10 years,” Obama said. “That’s obviously going to be a big boost that would have helped me out a lot, because I ended up having 10 years worth of loans I had to pay down after I got out of law school.”
One common source of anxiety shared by all undergraduates is finding a job after graduating college. Although no graduate is promised a job, education on the available job markets is the key to future employment.
“We’re giving young people a better sense of what jobs are out there in the future so that people end up gravitating towards the skills and degrees that they need to get employed,” Obama said.
GCSU students can take advantage of on-campus resources like the Career Center located in Lanier Hall for guidance and advice on future career options.
“Students who are approaching either December or May graduation need to start their job search at least six to nine months before graduation,” said Career Center Director Mary Roberts. “When you are looking for a professional job in your field, it will take time for you to research, identify, apply, and interview for opportunities.”
Another way undergraduates can be proactive in securing future job placement is through networking with employers and professionals in the workforce.
“While a great deal of information is online, connecting with a real person at the companies you are considering is very important,” Roberts said. “In addition to mapping out the network of people you already know, you want to expand it through the Career Center, career fairs, and social media sites where you are connected to other Georgia College alumni.”
Although the standards and policies of higher education have received criticism from the general public as of late, Obama urges students to avoid becoming discouraged.
“Don’t let anybody tell you that somehow your dreams are going to be constrained from going forward,” Obama said. “There are still billions of people around the world who want to come here, and they want to come here because they know that this is, for all of our problems, still the land of opportunity.”

Winter Lookbook

{ Tuesday, November 2, 2010 }
As soon as November 1st rolls around I'm always eager to break out my pea coats, tights, and slouchy scarves. However, when you live in the South the irrational weather always poses a problem! I scoured Lookbook this afternoon to pick out my favorite looks for the autumn and winter seasons that I can't wait to try out!

Each look incorporates layering, subdued colors, and playful use of texture- all things that I love!

I'm planning on producing a podcast on winter trends for my Writing for the Mass Media course, so hopefully I'll be able to find some fashionable folks around campus to snap a few pictures of!