Sunday Night Anxiety

{ Sunday, September 26, 2010 }
I've spent the better part of my evening compulsively drinking coffee, organizing my desk, and rollerblading through my dorm's hallway. Yes, the last thing is completely, embarrassingly true but a very Lindsay thing to do.
Anyhow, I enjoyed a low-key and relaxing weekend at home that gave me enough time to complete my newspaper article and get in gear for my upcoming school week. I already have a midterm in my Mass Media & Society class this week- so crazy!
I was happy that I got to spend quality time with my Pekingese, Lily, who I've missed so much.

It's crazy how a little bundle of fur can make you happy beyond belief.

As of now, I'm sitting at my work desk brainstorming story ideas for my Writing for the Mass Media course, giving myself a mental pep talk for my Obama conference call tomorrow, and listening to Maroon 5 on repeat (so typical).

Check out the video for the second single off of Hands All Over, "Give a Little More." As always, the video is sexy, enticing, and mildly inappropriate. But then again, it wouldn't be Maroon 5 if it wasn't a tad racy.

I love how this album is more funk and disco-inspired than the previous releases. If you haven't gotten your copy of Hands All Over yet, please do!



Rorie said...

Truuust me. I understand completely how a tiny little animal can make you so happy!!! I just blogged about mine too!!

Good luck on your conference call to President Obama. That is such an achievement and honor!!!
Breathhheee!! You'll do great!!

♥ Rorie

She is Sara said...

lol puppy!!! I love rollerblading indoors, it is very fun :)

Theresa said...

Your puppy is soo cute! Makes me wish I had one.
rollerblading through the halls actually sounds like fun! haha Though with my coordination, probably not a good idea.
Good luck with your midterm!

Lady Peach said...

Oh my god your puppy is adorable!!
Lady Peach

Meghan said...

wow sooo cute! You're so right, time with your animals is precious.

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