"Success is the best revenge"

{ Wednesday, September 22, 2010 }
I can't put a finger on where I initially heard that quote, but I've fallen in love with it lately. When you think about it, no words could be more true.
I've pushed myself to put the past away this week and only look forward to the future. I've realized that it's only myself who is holding me back from my dreams. I'm completely responsible for my success in school and my drive for a great career. I picked up an article assignment for next week's issue of the paper and I'm already feeling better about myself.
I have a feeling that I'm going to be a workaholic in the future.
I've recently found that dressing nicely for class encourages me to try harder. Is that odd? My theory is that school is like a job, and you should dress the part.
I decided to channel my inner Lauren Conrad for class today, but then again when am I not (haha).

Obviously Lauren is sporting an evening look, but you get the idea!
Unfortunately I didn't wear my skyhigh, strappy black wedges to class, but they were fun to prance around in while situating myself for the outfit photo. I'm a huge fan of flats and I've worn nothing but flats for years, but I've finally come to appreciate heels and all of their wonder.

These bad boys were only $5! I was astounded at how wonderfully they fit and even more blow away by the bargain pricing. Score!
Certainly not school appropriate, but great for a night out on the town for sushi and dancing or even a weekend shopping excursion.

I'm going home this weekend to spend time with my family and relax after a hectic school week. Lucky for me, my favorite thrift store in town is having their annual 50% off the entire store sale. Can't wait to share all of my finds!

As a final note, please visit http://www.internqueen.com/ if you're looking for exciting internship opportunities for the school year. I applied for a fashion editorial position, let's hope something pulls through!



Rorie said...

Love the quote, and I always feel like I want to try harder when I look nicer so no its not weird!!

JustNorman said...

You look great. A+


wishful nals said...

very cute! you're so pretty. :)

Lady Peach said...

LOVE the quote!!
Lady Peach

T.Hazel said...

your hair is so pretty :)


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