Mates, Dates, and Productive Nights!

{ Saturday, September 18, 2010 }
After two intense nights of going out and being a "typical college kid" (I know, I didn't see that one coming either), I'm in for the night in my cozy room editing my first article assignment for my Writing for Mass Media course- and loving it!
Getting glammed up and going out at night was fun, but I honestly can't put myself through the craziness repeatedly. After a long night of dancing, and walking into my room smelling like a human cigarette at 2 a.m. (gross!), I knew that my Saturday night would be devoted to writing, obsessing over my favorite blogs, and being an all-around homebody.
My workstation for the night is so cozy!

My first article for The Colonnade was published in this Friday's issue- on the front page! Pretty exciting, to say the least. It was a great experience writing the article, although stressful at moments. I can't wait to pick up a second writing assignment this coming Monday. Although I enjoyed writing about Theta Chi, the newest fraternity coming to campus, I think I want to give feature writing a try this week!

So you might be curious as to why 'dates' is in the title of this post. Well, I went on one and further proved to myself that I'm most likely the most particular single lady on the face of the earth. I'm stubborn, stuck in a rut of crushing on the 'artsy-prepster', and I refuse to settle for Mr. Right Now, ever. After much deliberation, I've decided that I'd much rather walk this earth alone than become a serial dater of the wrong guys. Although this weekend proved to be bust for my dating life, at least a new acquaintance came out of it.
One of my favorite bloggers and writers, Shallon Lester, has a dating column, "Single-ish" on that I simply cannot get enough of! Lester's witty chronicles of dating are both humorous and relatable, which has helped me feel not-so-awkward after a disastrous dinner. Be sure to check out the column this week!

After immensely enjoying my 600-page issue of InStyle, I'm super excited for autumn to arrive. These 90 degree days in Georgia are getting old, fast. I long for tights, boots, and blazers. Heck, even pea coats. One trend that I'm dying to try once the seasons change are knee socks worn with boots. I know it may sound a bit odd, but the outcome looks amazing!

As always, I feel the need to break out my owl accessories as soon as the temperatures drop. There's just something about owls that reminds me of fall!
I love my owlies.

Time to get back to my productive night! I'm hoping to get around to commenting on a bunch of blogs tonight, something I've really missed. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!



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