"Give me therapy, I'm a walking travesty...but I'm smiling at everything"

{ Monday, September 6, 2010 }
All of my former "I can face the world and nothing can bring me down" feelings have deserted me. I hate being a downer more than anything, but it's all I know how to be these days. The worst part? I've brought this all on myself. Without going into too much detail, just a bit of advice: don't reconnect with your old boyfriends, ladies. It will eat you to the core until there's nothing left of you.
I'm going to dedicate this week to joining new clubs, meeting new people, and immersing all of my free time into working out, writing, or studying so my mind won't wander anymore. Let's all hope that this has just been a cloudy weekend in an otherwise sunny forecast!
The past couple of weeks have been busy at school, and I'm still trying to transition into 'college life.' One great thing, however, was Maroon 5! I had such a great evening with my mom watching our favorite band put on an amazing show.

...speechless. Like I've said a million times before, and I'll say it again: I'll settle for nothing less than Adam Levine.

Although I wasn't a fan of my Drawing I class at first, I've really grown to like it! For my first assignment I had to be a creepy nerd and sketch Mr. Levine, of course.

Not my best, but I'm proud!
Anyway, I feel like this post has been semi-pointless but at least it's getting me back into the swing of writing, right? My Writing for the Mass Media class has really gotten me into the habit of writing daily, and I'm going on an interview for a story I'm working on tomorrow. I'm super nervous! However, I feel like if I prepare myself with good questions and give myself a pep talk I won't mess it up too much!

It's time to study for World Literature and reward myself with brand new episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and The Spin Crowd on E!



tess said...

I'm sorry things haven't been so great for you, keeping busy should help!

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