Big City Dreams

{ Tuesday, September 14, 2010 }
I'm finally getting into the swing of school and growing to like it, yet I feel like my future aspirations are so out of reach.
I feel like I'm not doing nearly enough to prepare for my dream career. This is a frequent dilemma of mine, where most of my friends look me squarely in the face and tell me to chill out!
Although I'm very involved in my online writing internship with Pink & Black, keeping up with my assignments in my Writing for the Mass Media course, and writing articles for the school newspaper, I feel like I could be doing much, much more.
Networking, shadowing a writer at a local publication, finding yet another internship, and garnering some kind of notoriety on campus for being an avid writer are all things I feel like I should be doing.
Is it so wrong to have high expectations of oneself?
Regardless, I keep this on my wall to remind me why I'm in college:

My big city dreams wall art and ripped out magazine pages are the bits of inspiration that honestly keep me going some days.

Enough of me lamenting over life, it's time to celebrate a new obsession!

How come I never watched this show until now? It's absolutely major (as Rachel would say!). Although I'm not a public relations major, this show certainly makes a PR degree look insanely appealing. Getting press for celebrities by styling them? Sign me up.
Another great show I'm addicted to this season is The Spin Crowd on E! It comes on Sundays at 10:30 p.m. EST, be sure to check it out!
Of course this isn't an official Lindsay Out Loud blog post without a little tidbit of Maroon 5. Hands All Over drops in exactly a week- I can hardly contain my excitement! Thankfully, M5 is streaming the entire album on their radio station so fans can get an exclusive sneak peek of the album!
I'm in love. They are one of the few bands who truly "evolve" without losing the original passion and style of their first album. Listen for yourself here!



Theresa said...

No need to worry about not doing enough towards your career right now- your internship seems like a great start, and definitely more than so many people I know! Take it one day at a time- I'm sure you'll reach your dreams in no time. (:
Also, I'm going to second your love for Maroon 5. :)

Sara Lynn said...

I love that you keep inspiration nearby! I have never seen that show either, but it looks fun :) Stick with your goals lindsey, you will be fine :) :)

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