Michael Cera, School, and Life's Little Gifts

{ Saturday, August 21, 2010 }
Like I've said a thousand times before and I'll say again: I have becoming a horrendous blogger. Honestly! What has happened to me lately? My passion for writing hasn't ceased or diminished, yet my blog has been unjustly pushed to the back burner. I really need to try harder with my updates, which is one of my main goals for this semester.
The end of my summer passed quickly in a blur of school supply shopping, dozens of panic attacks, and...Michael Cera? Yes, you heard correctly, Michael Cera. Before the premier of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Mr. Cera decided to make a quick stop in Atlanta for a signing in the hipster shopping district, Little 5 Points. After waiting in line for nearly two hours, I had the pleasure of being mere inches from the awkwardly adorable Michael Cera and managing to utter a few words of gratitude while having my movie poster signed. Success? I believe so.

Now I will never have to go to bed desperately wishing to meet Paulie Bleeker, sigh.

A few days after my Cera encounter I finally moved into my new, humble adobe: the dorm! Although I was nervous, a bit sad, and very skeptical, I have adjusted to my new surroundings quite well. I have an excellent roommate (who also blogs!) and wonderful hall mates who are always upbeat and drama-free. What more could a college student ask for?

The cliche mirror picture is always a must.

It's obvious that my dorm walls need a little sprucing up, but besides that I'm quite happy with how my decorating ideas turned out!

I'm in love with my class schedule, which is a heavy load of English courses and one Drawing I course. My Writing for Mass Media class is going to be a challenge, but I'm totally up for it. I'm determined now more than ever to pursue my writing career and I want to start as early as possible. For my first assignment, I have to find an industry insider to interview. As a Journalism/Print Media major, I'm hoping to get in touch with a writer for Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, etc. I know this may be wishful thinking, but I've already sent off a few e-mails to prime contacts. Let's cross our fingers and hope I impress my professor with this first assignment!

Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that I'm going to see Maroon 5 this evening. I can hardly sit still just thinking about it! It feels like ages ago that I bought these tickets and now it's finally here. Sure, I might be a little overly-obsessed with Adam Levine and the gang, but they're a group of genuinely talented musicians. I cannot wait to spend the evening with my mom in the presence of our favorite band!



casey lewis said...

it sort of breaks my heart how insanely adorable he looks. you're so lucky!

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