Oh Blog, How I Have Missed You So...

{ Wednesday, July 28, 2010 }
After a month away from my personal source of ranting, raving, and all-around gushing about the little things in life that make me tick- I have returned. I cannot begin to describe the ups and downs that have occurred in the last month of my life. Spending time away from my writing was unbearable, but my mind was so preoccupied with life's other problems that I nearly forgot how important this blog is to me.
Without going into too much detail, the reason for my hiatus was my boyfriend. I literally woke up one morning and came to the devastating realization that I simply was not being treated right, nor was I respected. I realized that just because you're committed to someone for two and a half years isn't reason enough to stay in a deteriorating relationship. Needless to say, I finally ended things.
After a week of crying, moping around, and leaning heavily on my wonderful friends (thanks guys!) I opened my eyes to a new life. I'm so much happier now. I feel rejuvenated, more mature, and stronger than ever before. I leave for college in two weeks, and I'm so ready to start this new and exciting chapter in my life. Speaking of college, check out my friend Anna's blog I Am Your Wallflower. I met her at orientation and she has the perfect taste in music and style!
I can't wait to start regularly posting outfit pictures and music finds for all of you again. Life has finally fallen into place for me; I'm truly blessed.
Oh, and my new outlook on dating? Settle for nothing less than Adam Noah Levine.



JustNorman said...

HAHA, way to go for breakin it off. life's about to get fun again.


liyana said...

and its adam!!!!!!!!!!! i love him!!! gorgeous!

anna shea said...

ah!! thanks for the shout out!! :D

and i can't wait till we get to hang out! it's gonna be fun!!

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