"I can love you like a sailor, I can make you dance all night"

{ Thursday, July 29, 2010 }
As all of my readers know, I'm a dedicated and well-seasoned thrifter! Earlier this week my friend Carrie and I went to our favorite secondhand store in Atlanta, Rag-O-Rama, to check out the awesome duds their racks held. Although this store is considered "high-end vintage" with some items toting a hefty price tag, I found an adorable pair of nautical shorts on sale for $6 and fell in love immediately. Although I used to shy away from high-waisted shorts, I've decided to channel my inner Zooey Deschanel and give them a go.

Like many times in secondhand stores, these shorts had a minor defect (the zipper on the fly doesn't work- oh no!), but will be fixed easily thanks to my mom's great seamstress skills.

Another favorite purchase of mine is this chunky, gold owl ring that I snagged for a dollar at Rue 21. I usually never have luck in that store due to over-picked clothing or shabby quality, but I love this ring! My obsession with owls will never end.

In other news, after a year and three months of embarrassment, agony, and being mistaken for a 14-year-old, my braces came off today! Today is certainly a wonderful day.
If you're feeling like your ears need a quick pick me up, take a listen to a live version of Maroon 5's next single, "Give A Little More." I cannot get over how amazingly talented these guys are, and they fact that I never grow tired of listening to their music. Although I usually don't listen to "radio" artists, they are the one exception. I can remember back to the days nearly eight years ago when I fell in love with their funk-inspired pop-rock; they are simply timeless.



anna shea said...

ooooooh man those shorts are fantastic!!! i want some shorts like that!
i MUST go to ragorama as soon as i get paid!

Anonymous said...

WOW.....I bet you can fly around the city wearin' these hot shorts!

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