Turning over a new leaf has never felt so good

{ Tuesday, June 8, 2010 }
My mom's lumpectomy went as smoothly as it could have possibly gone yesterday! She didn't want my younger sister or I to come to the hospital with her for the procedure, so I spent the early part of my day waiting for a call or a text from my dad. Finally, around 4 p.m as I was en route to a concert, my mom called me- sounding alive and alert as can be- reassuring me that the procedure went well and that she wasn't in any excessive amount of pain. Needless to say, it was great to hear her voice! My mother is now technically cancer-free, but will not be declared officially cancer-free until the end of her radiation treatments in six or seven weeks. I feel like my family can finally breathe again- it's truly a blessing.

After hearing the great news from my mom last night, I finally allowed myself to let loose and have a night full of crazy music and fun! My friends and I ventured to the historical Tabernacle in Atlanta to see Travie McCoy, 3OH!3, and Cobra Starship bring down the house. The night turned into a 4-hour dance party- such a great time!

For carefree, happy, summertime songs I definitely recommend Travie McCoy's newest album, Lazarus, which just dropped today! Take a listen to my favorite track from the album "We'll Be Alright." I can't get enough of it! It makes me want to sail off to a tropical island and never come back:

Personally, there is that certain something about concerts that is so therapeutic for me. I could be having a terrible day and turn it into a great one by going to a show. Last night with my friends and good music certainly lifted my spirits!

Of course it isn't a true Cobra experience without exquisite Sharpie mustaches.

This summer started off as one full of discouragement and and worry, but has transformed into something better in the past few days. My mom is well, my personal relationships have grown stronger, and I have experienced many memorable nights with my friends. Instead of viewing my life as one full of unfortunate events, I now view it as one that has gone through emotional turbulence only to strengthen my faith. For this reason, I have decided to give back in the small way I can by following through with my monetary commitment to 5for50, the wonderful organization I mentioned in my previous post!

This week is already promising, and it's only Tuesday. I hope all of you have a great week as well- spend time with your families and enjoy the easy-living of summer!



LML said...

i completely agree - concerts are reviving and inspiring, they take me away from my cares just like seeing a good movie. i went to the tabernacle last week to see imogen heap - such a great venue :)

Erin said...

That picture of you and your friends in the car is sooo cute. I love it.

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