Summer Skin

{ Saturday, June 5, 2010 }
So I'm finally home after a week at Disney World, the supposed "happiest place on Earth!" I had a wonderful time, but it was a little disheartening when I realized that I felt out of place on the rides that used to thrill me. This proves to be yet another reason why growing older generally stinks. I feel like I haven't fully gotten back into my old groove of blogging habits, but I know it will happen eventually. The summer has just begun! To make things easier to explain, I'll illustrate my life using a handy-dandy list of updates:

1.) My mom goes into surgery this coming Monday, June 7th, for her lumpectomy. I can't explain how wonderful all of my readers are for your outpouring of prayers and kindness. After Monday my mom will be on the homestretch to recovery- awesome!

2.) While on vacation, I finished reading Jodi Picoult's Nineteen Minutes. The book was very similar to one of my all-time, life-changing favorites, The Pact, even to the point of incorporating characters from the aforementioned book into this one. Picoult is simply incredible at crafting a story- I highly recommend this book to anyone who is curious of the inner workings of a school shooter's brain. Nineteen Minutes shed light on the tormented, the bullied, and the slain. In the end, Picoult leaves readers wondering- who are the real victims in the tragic case of a school shooting?

3.) Ahem...I'm going to see Maroon 5 in August! I honestly haven't been this excited for a show in a long time. I know, I know- I say that a lot. However, Maroon 5 is hands down the best live band I have ever seen. I started listening to Maroon 5 in the sixth grade, and haven't stopped since. The band's groovy, funk-inspired rock is addictive and infectious. Although I forked out an insane amount of money for the tickets, I'll be 10 blissful rows away from Adam Levine on the evening of August 21st. Need I say more?

4.) Thankfully, I found an H&M in Florida! Needless to say, a spending spree almost transpired. However, my better judgement kicked in and I left the store with a new dress and necklace without breaking the bank. I was incredibly happy with the newest issue of H&M magazine- it never disappoints! Reading good magazines serves as a constant reminder and incentive to keep my writing in check. I'm still in the early process of compiling my writing portfolio for school in the fall. It's hard to differentiate between a worthy and not-so-impressive article to include in the portfolio, which is definitely stressing me out.

I'm off to get back to a little reading (surprised, right?) on this beautiful summer day! Just a reminder to all of my fellow Southeastern bloggers: the American Apparel Flea Market is stopping by Atlantic Station in Atlanta, Georiga next weekend! On Friday June 11th and Saturday June 12th items will be available for up to 85% off, with prices starting at $1. This is one sale you'll definitely want to hit up! I plan on going, so let's hang out.



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