"Music is what feelings sound like" -Anonymous

{ Thursday, June 17, 2010 }
...and to be quite honest, my feelings are sounding elated today. After tirelessly applying for writing internships since the beginning of May, an opportunity finally came through for me! Yesterday afternoon I was informed that I landed the position as music writer/blogger for Pink and Black, a teen-oriented online publication. I can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I'll have a decent amount of recent writing clips for my portfolio come August. I'll start writing for Pink and Black in the next couple of weeks, but check out the site for yourself in the mean time! http://thepinkandblack.wordpress.com/.
What music news would you be most interested in reading about? Album reviews, band interviews, MP3 giveaways, etc.- I'd love to hear your opinions!
Oh, and in case you were wondering. This has been my life for the past 24 hours:
I'm finally getting something accomplished on this portfolio, but it's so hard to choose which clips to include. I want to have a good variety, but so far it's mainly band interviews and album reviews.
Since I'm on the topic of music, I feel it's appropriate to celebrate by sharing some brand spankin' new, completely legal, free MP3 downloads with all of you faithful readers, courtesy of Urban Outfitters!

Peggy Sue's "Watchman" reminds me so much of Adele's angsty, soul-filled songs, and Jeremy Jay's use of the piano in "Just Dial My Number" is beautiful! Enjoy :)



Andie said...

that quote is just beautiful! and im loving peggy sue, thanks for sharing :)


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