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{ Sunday, June 6, 2010 }
I woke up early today- like any typical Sunday morning- fully prepared to sit through the normal 55 minute sermon at Southside church, absorb the good message, and then return to my comfy bed for an early afternoon nap. Little did I know that a part inside of me would change for the better this morning.
A Kenyan children's choir sang the for congregation, performing songs full of beautiful and uplifting messages. As strange as it may be to say, I was stunned by the realization that these small children from a foreign land know and love Him just as much as we do. Although these children may come from meager villages rather than the lush suburbs that Americans have grown arrogantly accustomed to, they praised God for everything they had. It was a truly amazing experience.
Rather than listening to a sermon, I had the pleasure of listening to the firsthand accounts of church members who recently embarked on a mission trip to Uganda. Hearing stories about young Ugandan orphans was heartbreaking, and their overwhelming obstacles made my life's worries seem insignificant. While we worry about how much money we are making or whether or not we'll get into a certain college, these children are fighting against malaria, HIV/AIDS, and starvation- everyday.

Do Something Now from Children's HopeChest on Vimeo.

This is when I was informed of Children's HopeChest, an organization that aims to better the lives of orphans by bringing them closer to God, giving them the love of a family, and the opportunity to learn independent living skills. Personally, I feel that the organization's mission is incredible. What I love most about HopeChest are the opportunities to connect with a child and truly make a difference in their life.
For $34 a month, you can sponsor a child in Uganda, Ethiopia, or Swaziland. The donation provides ample food, water, medical care, and education for the child each and every month- how great! I honestly regret leaving my job after learning about this opportunity to help others. I wish I still had my small yet consistent income to sponsor a child for a year. The sponsorship packets were quickly picked up by families after the service, however, which is awesome!

Check out Children's HopeChest at, or follow them on Twitter: @Hope_Chest!

If you're running low on funds like I am, don't give up just yet- there are still opportunities to help! A simpler way to make a difference is through 5for50, where a mere $5 a month can provide 100 meals for an orphan as well as ample clothing and education. Think of the things that we spend $5 on- a Starbucks run, a magazine, a frivolous impulse purchase. We need to start putting that $5 to better use! Small monetary commitments contribute to change just as much as large ones do.

Visit 5for50's official wesite at



Sara Lynn said...

You are so sweet and amazing for posting this, I will check out the site and see what I can do. This a great post :)

Juliane Haley said...

Super fabulous post! That service truly moved me.

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