Three Films Worth Watching This Summer

{ Sunday, May 23, 2010 }
We all have those summer days that are entirely too hot to enjoy outdoor activities, where even walking to your mailbox without breaking a sweat is a challenge. Seeing that I live in Georgia, there have already been a good number of these inhumanely hot days. Thanks to my Netflix account, however, I've been able to transform these unfortunate days into great ones by discovering new films. Below are three reviews of my newest favorite films for summertime: Dakota Skye, Peter and Vandy, and How To Be.

Meet Dakota Skye, your seemingly normal, angst-filled, 17 year old high school student. Did I forget to mention that she is incapable of being lied to? That's right- Dakota can tell exactly when she is being lied to; she is always faced with the truth, even when it may be hard to bear. Her so-called "superpower" comes into further play when her relationship with her current rockstar boyfriend is jeopardized by a new, mysterious boy- Jonah.
Although Dakota Skye was filmed on a relatively low budget, the characters and plot of the film are so believable (and not to mention relatable, for some of us) that the size of a film's budget becomes irrelevant. I haven't been able to relate to a movie like this one in a long time, which proved to be comforting and entertaining all at once. You'll be rooting for Dakota at the end of the film when she finds her inner-self and follows her heart in search of the truth.

Rating: *****
For fans of: Degrassi, Juno, You Me And Everyone We Know

Calling all (500) Days of Summer fanatics! This film follows the similar, off-beat pattern of the aforementioned film while chronicling the relationship of happy-go-lucky Peter, and the calm, cool, and collected Vandy. Although, in my opinion, (500) Days of Summer is one of the best films of the last decade, Peter and Vandy proved to be even more realistic for me. Fights caused over little, insignificant annoyances, communication gone wrong, and infidelity- you name it, Peter and Vandy have gone through it. For fans of realistic romances- not sappy, fairytale endings- this is the film for you.
My only complaint about Peter and Vandy is the lack of character development. Although the characters were extremely likable and relatable, I wish we were given a little more backstory of their personal experiences, careers, etc.

Rating: ****
For fans of: (500) Days of Summer, You've Got Mail, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Sure, Robert Pattinson makes a decent vampire, but let's not forget about the films produced in his own stomping grounds. How To Be is a dark comedy, concerning Pattinson's character trying in vain to become a successful musician all while vying for his parents love and attention- and failing miserably at both. I love dry, British humor, and How To Be certainly satisfied my craving for sarcasm and wit. Putting Twilight aside, Pattinson really is a talented and versatile actor. Personally, I like him significantly more in British films rather than American films. Why hide the accent? It's wonderful! If you've had a down-and-out day or simply feel like enjoying a good laugh, I'd definitely recommend viewing How To Be!

Rating: ***
For fans of: The Go-Getter, Little Miss Sunshine

All of the movies mentioned above are available for instant play on Netflix. If you're not a Netflix user, try browsing your local Blockbuster for these titles. You may have a hard time finding them seeing as they are more "indie," less-publicized titles, but with a little hard work and dedication you'll be in movie-watching heaven in no time!



Humby said...

Thanks for the kind words about DAKOTA SKYE. I'm really glad you not only found the film, but had such a personal connection to it. Thanks for the recommendation to others.

director/producer - "Dakota Skye"

vinceroque said...

I feel exactly the same way about Dakota Skye. One of the best films I've seen in a long. The sequence when they are driving to "Crush On Everyone" really hit me.

miss jordan. said...

Ah, you make me want to see Dakota Skye so bad. Too bad I don't have a Netflix account.

Tarver said...

Oh man, I wish I had netflix so bad, I would get so many movies!

oh and I love Jason Ritter!

indigotangerine said...

These all sound like great movies, and I probably wuldn't have heard of any of them if you hadn't made this post! Thanks!

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