"They say we'd burn so bright, we'd burn this city and go"

{ Tuesday, April 20, 2010 }
Needless to say, my concert craving was undoubtedly satisfied this past weekend! The beautiful Mercer University opened their campus to the public for Bearstock 2010, a free all-day music festival featuring local bands and headliners like Cartel, The Maine, and We The Kings. My friends and I woke up early and made the nearly two hour trip to the college in record time. The entire day was absolutely amazing. The weather was great, the bands were brilliant, and singing along in a large crowd has never been so fun.
I urge all of my readers to give a listen to one of the best up-and-coming bands I've heard in recent years, We The Living. I was blown away by their set, which was phenomenal. Personally, their sound reminds me of a mixture of Coldplay, Between The Trees, and a smidgen of Snow Patrol. Check out the band's officially website at http://www.wetheliving.com/. I recommend listening to Barometers; it's beautiful and haunting.
Around 7 p.m, the headliners began to prepare for their sets. I was there for Cartel, who I hadn't seen since Halloween in Atlanta. It was so great to hear songs from the new album, Cycles, live! They even played my favorite song, "If I Fail," which was a rare treat. Earlier in the day I had the privilege of meeting a few members of Cartel, including bassist Jeff Lett, who is honestly one of the nicest guys around. I came home immensely happy, ears ringing, with signed Cycles album booklet in hand. Successful day? I'd say so.

While I was at the festival, I was so tempted more than once to go up to a few girls and ask if I could take a picture of their outfit for my blog. Although the majority of the concert-goers donned the typical band tee, shorts, and slip-on Vans combo for the day, a select few were wearing very creative ensembles. I didn't have any cards with my blog address on them, however, so I decided to wait until I have some made. I'd love to add a street style section to this blog soon, so hopefully it will happen this summer!

I'm currently procrastinating on that research paper of mine, and about to head out to work for the day. However, here's a free set of downloads to enjoy for the week!

My personal pick is "GBG Belongs To Us" by Air France. Something I could definitely work out to!



Tarver said...

Your title is my favorite Cartel song, love it!

hiking in stilettos said...

Glad you had a great time! It's so funny for me to think of Cartel as "famous," if you will. I graduated high school with most of the members of the band, and I met Jeff during my college years in Atlanta. It's funny to think how people see them differently. To me they will always just be Atlanta kids. :)

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