Fresh Melodies

{ Wednesday, April 7, 2010 }
As I was making my 45 minute commute to school this morning, I was thumbing through my iPod and came to the sad realization that I'm stuck in a musical rut. Every morning I leave my driveway listening to Young The Giant, by the time I'm on the highway I've progressed to Blink 182 (more aggressive music to reflect my attitude towards all of the bad drivers I encounter, I suppose), and my drive home always consists of some odd combination of pre-sell out Fall Out Boy and Death Cab For Cutie. Odd? I'd say so. So, I've decided to share some of the new tunes that I stumbled upon this afternoon while updating my music library. All of these are free (legal) downloads, so feel free to help yourself!
Wednesday, April 04.2010 playlist:
1.) Little & Ashley- "Stole My Heart"
2.) The Dodos- "Fables" (this song comes off of an entire free sampler, what a steal)
3.) Standard Fare- "Dancing"
4.) The Raveonettes- "Dead Sound"
To download these songs you'll have to have an account, which isn't hard or time consuming to set up at all! They offer so much obscure, free music, I hardly ever have to venture onto iTunes these days.
It's a small playlist at that, but it was enough of an eclectic mix of indie and electronica to keep me content throughout the day. I'm about to end this stressful day with a cup of tea and my new book. School is completely wearing me out, I've never been more ready for a break!


Juliane Haley said...

I always found that after spring break I was just spent. It happened, for me, every year! You are Summer bound, don't give up!

Sara Lynn said...

awesome! Have you heard of the noisettes? you might like them..I will be checking out these links this weekend at home :)

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