Soak Up The Sun

{ Monday, March 8, 2010 }
What an incredibly beautiful day it was! Although I left my house at 6:45 a.m with a thin layer of ice clinging to my windshield, by the time I got out of class around lunch time I was driving with the windows fully rolled down, my favorite feeling in the world. I feel like spring has finally decided to make its full appearance in Georgia today, and I couldn't be happier. What's even better is one more school day until the official start of my Spring Break! I cannot wait to lie on the beach and genuinely unwind for the first time since January. Although Panama City Beach isn't known for cute boutiques, but tattoo parlors (hah), I'll still be on the look out for interesting souvenirs.
On Saturday I went to pick up my re-sized ring, which fits wonderfully, coming in at a size of 4.5. Who knew someone could have such small fingers? Anyway, the ring was my grandmother's and I'm very grateful that it was passed along to me. I feel like it suits my taste in jewelry to a t.
Although I'm not much of a bragger, I have to gloat about my new bag. It was such a steal! I picked it up from Charming Charlie for a mere $10 over the weekend, when it was originally priced at $50. Basically, it was like Christmas all over again. I love finding great deals, especially when it comes to great accessories. It has a slight Marc Jacobs feel to it, although I don't think it is an exact replica of any specific "It Bag."
I'm desperately trying to get in touch with my advisor for the fall, but no luck so far! I can't believe class registration is on the 15th, time flies. I'm off to a math exam, wish me luck! And while you're at it, tell me about your day :)


M. said...

love that ring and bag!

lovelove, M.

Sara Lynn said...

How cool to snatch up that bag for so cheap! And it is adorable!! I love the ring, lol tiny fingers :)

I really love days like that too, in early spring or late fall. When it is crisp in the morning and the evening, and sunny and toasty during the day.

the southern hostess said...

Such a beautiful ring! Love your style.

LML said...

i love getting rings from my grandmother and great grandmothers, but their fingers were so small i have to wear them on my pinkies haha!

C. said...

I looove your bag!

xo, C

Lexie said...

i wear a 4.5, too! what a funny coincidence! it sounds like you had an amazing birthday!

Fierce Pose said...

Cute BAG!

liyana said...

i love the bag :):)
u are wearing so comfortably I love it

drop by.

Aya Smith said...

I love this outfit... it's probably the most perfect casual outfit :) (you are beautiful, btw!)

Aya ( Strawberry Koi Blog )

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