The Ripe 'Ol Age of 19...

{ Friday, March 5, 2010 }
I know, I'm double-posting today. What an accomplishment! I'm really trying to make up for my lack of updates as of late, so bear with me.
My 19th birthday was on Wednesday! Turning 19 really didn't seem or feel like that much of a huge deal to me, honestly. Maybe when I turn 20 I'll finally have something to celebrate? My family took me out to a low-key dinner with one of my best friends, where we greedily devoured as much sushi and seafood as our stomachs could possibly hold. All in all, a wonderful birthday! I had no clue what to tell my friends to get me, but I was so happy with all of my sweet gifts. My friend Carrie knows exactly how I want to decorate my dorm next year, and bought me the cutest owl decoration I've ever seen! I plan to place it on my desk next year, in hopes of attaining its wisdom. Maybe it'll work, hm? My younger sister's boyfriend brought me a box of my favorite tea, which was so unexpectedly sweet of him. I'm enjoying a cup of it as I type, and it's great! Leighton ended up taking me out for dinner last night, and bought me a Bath & Body Works gift set. I love how the sales people in there can always spot the clueless boyfriend and talk them into buying anything, hah! However, I'm very pleased with my pretty smelling Twilight Woods body products :)

I'm determined to let the last year of my teens an amazing and memorable one. I know people always say things like that, but I mean it! I have so much to look forward to this year, and I'm certainly going to make the most of it.
In other news, I'm terribly mad at myself at the moment. had an Interface conference call with Liz Lee of MTV's My Life As Liz yesterday afternoon, and I missed it! Although she is incredibly precocious and "indie," it would've made for a great Q&A for the blog! Oh well, better luck next time I suppose. I'm off to get some midday reading in before I'm off to work tonight. I hope everyone is having a good Friday!


hiking in stilettos said...

Happy Birthday!!! Definitely savor the last "teen" year :) haha. I love that owl, and your dress is really cute, too!

Kinsey said...

Happy birthday! I turn 19 in April...turning a year older is always a sad moment for me, but I hope I don't take it as bad as I did when I turned 17...when I turned 18 I was like "yes, finally I am looked at as an adult" though I seemed to still look 16 in the eyes of many people. You celebration sounds like a celebration I would have, a nice dinner with the famm and friends! I like small celebrations they are so much more intimate and more special! I really like the owl decoration, owls are my favorite bird and how sweet of your sister's boyfriend to give you a box of your favorite tea!
ps: I really like the photos!

IVY▲ said...

oh this is so pretty!

PEACEFUL said...

Happy Birthday

kimmycph said...

just dropping by. i like your blog :)
and happy belated birthday!

Sara Lynn said...

Happy Birthday!!! XOXOXOXOX

*that owl-I want. :P

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

That owl is amazing!

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