"Dormain" Decisions...

{ Friday, March 5, 2010 }
As some of you may or may not know, I've been spending my year as a college Freshman living at home. Why, might you ask? Partly as a way to save money (room and boards costs are through the roof!) and largely because my mother was not ready to let her little, defenseless firstborn live on her own. Sure, I've missed out on a few aspects of "the college experience" and haven't had the joy of experiencing a drunken, pointless keg party, but I've actually enjoyed my additional year living with my family and sleeping in my own comfy, broken-in bed. However, I'm off to the beautiful Georgia College & State University this fall! Needless to say, I'm over-the-moon excited that I'll finally be living at my dream school. The campus of my home state's top-ranking liberal arts school is absolutely beautiful, and in five little months I'll be trekking across the campus to classes.

Being the planner I am, I've already brainstormed a plethora of dorm decorating ideas. I've decided on an earthy theme, with subdued tones of beige, sage, cream, and black. Nearly every one of the girls in my graduating class decorated their room in black toile and preppy pink- so overdone!
Here are a few cute dorms below that I've found to be very inspiring!

I find out who my roommate is on the 15th, and I'm extremely excited and nervous! All I can hope for is someone who likes good music, enjoys art and fashion, and has a good set of moral standards. Too much to ask? I think not :) Let's cross our fingers!


Romeika said...

It must be very exciting for you, good luck with everything..and congrats:)

hiking in stilettos said...

I am beginning to think we are kindred spirits here. :) I graduated from Agnes Scott College, and I lived in a dorm as well. I actually met my absolute, to-this-day, best friend there. We were paired up as roomies. It's definitely an exciting experience, going "off" to college, even when it's in your home state.

I love all of your dorm decor choices! Ours was similar to the second and the last. I am definitely a fan of twinkle lights (ours were stars), and now they always make me think of my ASC days.

Good luck, Lindsay! I am excited to hear more about it and see the pictures of your dorm!


laura said...

really fun dorm decor choices.
lovely ideas and taste.

nice blog!


check me out?
i return all favors<3


Kinsey said...

Oh wow, this kind of creepy cool! I am actually looking at transferring out to Georgia College, one of my best friends attends that school! Its a small word...haha But I doubt I will be ready to transfer out by fall, I am going to be taking classes during the summer at the college I am at right now.
good luck and have fun...a little birdy told me that the people like to party hard there...the birdy was my friend...her room mate parties.
well have a great fall semester!
I already have ideas to decorate my dorm when I go off to school. photos of mine and such.

Helen said...

i stayed at home for uni because of money. sometimes i do think 'oh i wonder what i missed out on' but to be honest, i think it was the right choice for me. that's exciting you get to move out though! american college campus's always look so nice

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