Warped Tour Style Scouting '10

{ Monday, February 8, 2010 }
As I was thumbing through my sister's most recent issue of Seventeen over the weekend, I saw an ad for American Rag announcing their search for three girls with "a sharp eye, sugar-rush energy, and a serious love of music." Although I'm not constantly bouncing off the walls with adrenaline, two out of three isn't so bad! Turns out, American Rag is on the prowl for three Warped Tour style scouts, who will document the style (or lack thereof) throughout the day of the music festival, as well as report on band style from backstage. The best part? The winners get a trip to L.A or New York City! I'd certainly take The Big Apple over The City of Angels any day, thank you :) Anyhow, here is my required video submission. I'm being a major nerd, as usual, but hopefully American Rag will realize how much I'd love to grasp this opportunity!
In other great news, I received my acceptance letter to my dream school this week! How exciting is that? I cannot wrap my head around the fact that I'll be experiencing real "college life" in less than six months. I bid adieu to you, my melancholy little community college.


Sara Lynn said...

Aww! How awesome! sorry I can't watch the video yet, I am at my work computer but I hope that you get picked to be one of the three! And congrats on your school, I know I was happy to get out of Communnity College :)

jack bespoke said...

congrats on school, college is definitely an experience you cant miss out on! really didnt take it to heart then, but they are totally right when they say its the best 4 yrs of ur life!


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