Spring, Sprang, Sprung

{ Friday, February 19, 2010 }
It was a delightfully sunny, 50 degrees in Georgia today. A stark contrast to last week's 4 inches of snow that we received! Despite the spring-like conditions outdoors, we're in for yet another cold snap next week. Boo! Although it was beautiful outside, I spent the majority of my day writing papers and scrambling to catch up on my American Government assignments. I skipped my first college class ever on Wednesday, and I'm feeling some major guilt. It was a ridiculously cold day and I just couldn't sit through a lecture on the Senate, so I split! Even though I was fully aware of my assignments due next week, I still feel horrible about missing class. Arg. Academic anxiety is the worst. Which inadvertently brings me to my next point...
I need to stop being such a darn perfectionist. Seriously.
Yesterday Leighton stopped by and was thumbing through my class binder, awestruck. He finds it completely ludicrous that I 3 hole-punch every handout, separate them by classes, and file them in chronological order of when I received them. I see my habits as simply being organized; he sees them as obsessive compulsive. What gives?
I just need spring! The warmer temperatures will melt away all of my worries and compulsions, right? Sigh. For now, I'll rejoice over everything that I'm looking forward to, come the vernal equinox on March 20th :)

Floral dresses, freshly-blossomed flowers, endless amounts of hot green tea, and Spring Break with my best friends on the beach are all things I'm looking forward to after the turn of seasons. My beach trip with my friends will be the first time I'll ever travel without my parents- finally. Needless to say, I cannot wait! I love my family, but a trip with two of your greatest friends is incomparable.
I'm currently waiting for the official transcript from my Q&A session with Dave and Jonnie from The Buried Life to be posted on CollegePublisher.com, and I honestly haven't been this excited to write a story in a long, long time! It seems as though I have been having incredible luck in the writing department lately, which I'm extremely grateful for. This morning, I was informed of a writing opportunity with Spinner Magazine and AOL to interview one of the many bands performing at the SXSW music festival this year. I feel fairly qualified and confident about the position I applied for, so now I just have to keep my fingers crossed and wait to hear back from the editor!
I'm off to spend some quality time with the wonderful Stephen King, I hope everyone has a warm weekend :)


indigotangerine said...

That last picture is perfect. I am the very opposite. I am a COMPLETE and utter disaster. I walk in a cloud of papers all loose and hapahazardly stacked, all suspiciously smeared with charcoal or mysteriously bent.

Jenny said...

I'm the same way about organization! I have a seperate binder for each class, and I keep every single paper I get sorted in its place. I find it helpful in the end because I never loose track of papers I may need to use for studying later on.
Good luck with the writing position! I want to go into journalism someday and it's great to hear about girls like me finding opportunities to reach their dreams!

Hope you'll check out my blog at http://jennysopencloset.blogspot.com/

Lexie said...

i cannot wait for spring break! i'm not doing anything exciting, but i just need a break from school!

i think it's awesome you take the time to apply for these internships and writing gigs! i always chicken/lazy out because i just assume i wont get them. i admire your hardwork and ability to put yourself out there!

Romeika said...

Very inspiring..!

re:I'd love to trade links, just tell me which page to link (just wondering, since I see two blogs on ur profile:)

hiking in stilettos said...

i agree about the academic anxiety & am unfortunately feeling the pressure, too! it really seems like spring would make it all better! i can't wait for sunny day and floral dresses!!

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