Hello, Strangers

{ Sunday, February 28, 2010 }
I've neglected my blogging habit this week, and I already feel incredibly out of touch! Needless to say, this week was a rough, rough one. My boyfriend of over two years, Leighton, and I came the closest we ever have to breaking up. Hopefully, things won't push each of us to a breaking point again. Although we were both at fault for miscommunication and have made up since, I still feel hurt and at some kind of odd loss. According to dear Mr. Leighton, I was agitating him by "forcing him to grow up." I'm not stranger to the widely-known truth that guys despise the idea of growing up and committing, yet at the age of 20 and dating as long as we have, I thought his reaction would have been more positive. Sigh.
A good lesson was learned out of all this, however, and I think I'm going to stick to living by a new philosophy : I need to slow down.
I won't deny that I'm a planner. I apply for writing internships endlessly, for fear that my future depends on it. I want to know if I'll graduate college with honors, land a good job, end up with Leighton, and have financial security. These are all things that are essentially beyond my control. I'm turning 19 this Wednesday, yet I feel like I'm 30 at times...
On a happier note, I had a great time Saturday afternoon with two of my best friends!
Carrie, Erin, and I embarked on a picnic-adventure to the local creek, which was beautiful. Of course, no picnic is complete without sushi :)

I'm off to cram for an American Government exam, wish me luck!
I hope everyone has a wonderful and exciting week ahead of them.


Sara Lynn said...

lol yay Sushi~~~ These pix are soo cute!!! :D

I am sorry to hear about your boyfriend and the fight. I am happy to hear that you are still together but fights really are tough. But kudos to you for making plans, and prepping yourself for the future. :)

Helen said...

i hope everything turns out okay with you and your boyfriend, sometimes it is scary feeling so committed at such a young age!

the picnic looks like fun though! i wish we had picnic weather

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