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{ Friday, January 29, 2010 }
It's finally Friday! Can you believe it? Yes, we've all made it through yet another hectic week of school. Although I only have classes on Monday and Wednesday (I jam-packed 5 classes into one day, yikes!) I'm still extremely busy on my off days. American Government has already proven itself to be my most challenging class. I'm naturally not an avid follower of politics, although I do tune in to the news daily. Unfortunately, I don't see eye-to-eye with my professor on a wide array of topics, and he feels compelled to openly bash his students, giving us the blanket label of "ignorant southerners." Needless to say, all I can do is look for the light at the end of this academic tunnel to where I'll be working on my major. Class schedules consisting entirely of Editorial Writing, World Literature, and English seminars sound much more appealing, no? Oh dear, I sound like such a nerd...
Which brings me to my next point, and the whole reason for this post. Geek Chic. It's a term I first heard in an early 2005 issue of Teen Vogue, where argyle sweaters were being artfully paired with dainty, high waisted skirts and colorful Keds. At first, I completely dismissed the idea of studious sweaters, seeing as I was the elitist 8th grader who insisted upon wearing only Juicy Couture and BCBG cast-offs from T.J Maxx. Oh, the humility of writing that. Anyhow, flash forward five years. Being the dedicated thrift store fiend that I am, I find interesting sweaters by the boatload at secondhand shops. I've admittedly grown to love the "geek chic" look; it's collegiate, quirky, and fun!

I hope the "geek chic" style concept never dies! I'm wild about it; it's just too cute and quirky.
In exciting news, I'm starting a writing internship with Vode Vintage on Monday! Vode Vintage is an upcoming clothing line based in L.A that decided to start a blog to correspond with their avid interest in fashion. Luckily, a nabbed an intern position. I'm in charge of posting stories on trends, runway reports, celebrity style, music, and more. I need to recruit at least one more intern by Monday, so if any of you are interested please comment this post and I'll give you all the details :) Have a lovely day everyone!


tess said...

first off, your prof is a jerk...hate those who don't give their students a chance to speak.

love geek chic! I just got a pair of geek chic glasses this fall. I needed a lens change and my librarian glasses weren't cute, just nerdy to the extreme in a bad way, so I wanted overstated geek frames. love love love them. especially since my vision is going down this year so I'm glad I like my glasses for once. the only issues with geek chic (as shown through your awesome Zooey photos) is it takes a certain girl to pull of a peter pan collar at a certain age. sometimes I just look 5 years old haha

Mila said...

oh wow great photos!
I especially like first 2!

Lexie said...

congratulations on the blogging internship! that is so awesome!

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