Food For Thought.

{ Tuesday, January 12, 2010 }

Who doesn't love a good batch of 'ol food art, hm? I think these images are fascinating, especially the intricate carving of the apple. It's amazing how creative and innovative our minds can really be, even with basic, everyday foods. My inner (or quite possibly outer...) nerd absolutely loved the gummy bear periodic table of elements! So cute and edible, although I'd hesitate to take a nibble of uranium if I were you. All of these scrumptious images are courtesy of Kevin Van Aelst.
Can you tell that I'm just a bit hungry? My first day back to school yesterday completely and utterly wiped me out! Who knew that 15 hours worth of classes could do that to a person? Unfortunately, I feel like that this semester is already turning out to be a rough one. Being the stubborn person I am, I opted to take all academic classes rather than a mixture of rigorous courses and fun electives. Although it'll pay off in the long run, it's nose in the books and pen to the paper for me until May. Luckily, I'm a complete logophile who doesn't mind spending hours writing papers. Quite honestly, I love it. I'm currently writing a paper on the possible consequences of an electromagnetic bomb being detonated over America, which is quite fascinating and frightening at the same time. It's scary to imagine "what if?"
Alright, enough with the college jargon.

Obviously, my regular readers are probably very aware of my long-running girlcrush on Zooey Deschanel. I love this ad campaign she did for Oliver People's glasses! So cute and different. I recently found out that She & Him is playing the Savannah music festival this March, but tickets to the show sold out like hotcakes. Ugh, just my luck. It would've made for the perfect spring break road trip!



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