Dear Mother Nature:

{ Thursday, January 7, 2010 }
Is it too much to ask for you to make up your fickle mind?
For the first time in my life, I'm dreading the possibility of snow. Seeing as it hardly ever reaches the temperatures and/or pristine conditions for snowfall to occur in Georgia, of course it's my luck that the weekend I'm planning a visit to see a close friend at college, Atlanta morphs into Antarctica! What gives?
These are two images I captured while the snow still freshly clung to the ground last March, two days before my birthday! Although it was a small amount compared to Northern states, it was still enough to keep us out of school for two days :)
Luckily, hot tea, my fun-loving puppy, and music are keeping me quite content today despite the bleak forecast. My musical muse for today? None other than Mr. Sam Sparro; he's fantastic! Some musicians have the knack to make me feel as though I'm driving a Mercedes Benz rather than a used Honda Accord when I crank them on my stereo. Sparro if one of those magical artists. Take a listen to my favorite song of his, Black and Gold. So soulful and jazzy, my cup 'o tea.



jayne said...

puppies and tea are my winter cure too!

Caylee said...

Wasn't that snowfall last march crazy?? I woke up, completely oblivious to it, looked outside and saw everything covered in white. Surprise of my life! The pictures you took of it are really beautiful though. Have fun this weekend, and don't freeze (like I will)! :)

madelyn said...

fantastic photos!
so happy I came across your blog! I'm majoring in mass communication as well! xo

Lexie said...

ooo snow was a novelty to this southern girl, too! until i started going to school in the midwest ... now after two winters, i think i'm finally disenchanted!

LML said...

i LOOOOve that song! it snowed a little in GA last night, so that was a nice treat!

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