The Boundless Buried Life.

{ Tuesday, January 5, 2010 }
Although I'm not a slave to MTV and it's under-abundance of streaming music, the iconic channel's upcoming program, The Buried Life, has quickly captured my attention. For those of you who haven't already seen the previews, the show follows four young men and their attempts to fulfil their 100 quintessential "bucket list" experiences while giving back to others at the same time. Honestly, just watching the commercials makes me feel as though I'm simply not doing enough. The 30 second snippets alone have already inspired me to let go of my inhibitions, enjoy the short life we are given, and aspire to give back. So, my solution for these feelings of inadequacy?
For starters, I'm going to stop caring about what others think.
Secondly, I'm going to fill my time with more productive activities. Sure, scrolling through Twitter updates and chatting on Facebook is fun, but really- what am I accomplishing?
Lastly, I'll strive to give back. One of my dreams as a child was to volunteer at an animal shelter. With the help of the trusty Yellow Pages, I believe I'll make that dream into a reality in the near future.
Didn't you hear? Living comfortably is so 2009. This year, I want to live on the edge and experience life fully. To read more about the inspiring (and dare I mention, insanely attractive) cast of The Buried Life, check out their official website at: and be sure to catch the series premier January 18th at 10 p.m on MTV!


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