Music Elitist Statement of the Day:

{ Saturday, December 12, 2009 }
Don't people who genuinely believe that just irk you? If you're anything like me, your hand is undoubtedly raised at the moment.
The journalistic portion of my mind has been reeling lately, however, and I'm pondering the idea of conducting interviews with small and upcoming bands for this blog. I published a short Q&A with one of my favorite bands, Flying Machines, over the summer on my blog and the response was wonderful.
So, to all my faithful followers: does this idea sound appealing to you? I'd love to hear your input and musical tastes!


indigotangerine said...

i hate it when i mention liking a band and somebody jumps all over me saying they liked it before they "sold out"
interviews sound like fun, i'd definetly be interested to read them

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