The End Of An(other) Era

{ Tuesday, December 29, 2009 }
While riding around and goofing off in the car with my friend Carrie this week, New Year's Eve plans were inevitably discussed. Suddenly, I became overwhelmed by the fact that yet another decade has slipped us by. Ten years is a big deal, and the fact that each and every one of them flew by at an astonishing rate amazes and frightens me simultaneously. I feel as though time is sand slipping through my fingers, impossible to fully grasp. Heck, I'm on the far edge of my teens already. Where has all the time gone? Upon reflecting, I've recollected the most memorable events of the last decade that have molded me into the young woman I am today. You ready for the rundown, folks?

- The untimely death of my Pekingese, Andie. I learned to cope with grief and heal my wounds after her loss.
- I learned to skate, which became a big time hobby and calorie burner!
- I had my first "real" boyfriend in 9th grade, a total disaster nonetheless, but a learning experience.
- The First Kiss, which of course transpired during a impromptu Spin The Bottle session in middle school, sigh.
- Learning true compassion and kindness through my favorite teacher of all time, Mrs. Coley.
- Realizing that my love of reading and writing could actually influence my career path.
- Finding a sense of belonging and happiness in the midst of a singing crowd at concerts. Nothing will ever compare to it.
- Learning in 10th grade that words are merely words, and the sweet-talkers never really stick around for the long haul.
- Finding one of my best friends due to out mutual love of a band. It doesn't happen every day, but when it does it's awesome.
- Learning to never seek something "better" when the what you have is golden.
- Realizing after 18 years that when I'm sad, alone, or feeling like a downright terrible person, God's love washes all the negativity away.

Though big and small, those events alone have changed me greatly over the last decade. Obviously I've matured since being 8 at the start of the new millennium, but if not for those occurrences I'd be an entirely different person. So now for those darned resolutions for 2010? I'm vowing to keep it simple and only stick to four this year, with one notably more significant than the others:

1.) Aim to make all A's next semester, and put together my writing portfolio.
2.) Complete the story I'm currently writing.
3.) Remain consistent with my Bible study, and strive to live a better, more gracious life.

What are all of your resolutions, hopes, and dreams for the next decade to come? I'd love to hear them! I hope everyone has a safe and fulfilling New Year!



Anonymous said...

you're lucky on the concert front, all of the concerts I've been to lately involve drunken idiots bumping into me haha, but when you somehow find that bond with a crowd it is amazing.

Some Girl said...

For the next decade, I want to continue to expand my horizons, continue striving for harmony, happiness, and balance that permeates every part of my life.

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